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The first most important thing that you will need to know is the workspace in Photopea.  Below please find an introduction video to help you get familiar with it.  Even though it’s titled as a Photoshop tour, Photopea is the free version and exactly the same as Photoshop.   It’s a little lengthy; however, I found this guy to have the best tutorials for beginners and his voice is very soothing.  So grab a hot or cold drink and begin your training.


Before you begin the tutorials, please take a moment to save these 2 pdf files.  They will come in handy as you progress.

Useful tips for using Photopea on a mobile device

Learning the layer styles for Photopea on desktop or mobile device

So let's begin animating!

If ever you have a question about any of the tutorials, please complete the contact form and someone will get back to you.


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